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Safe and Successful Event.

CYA Provides Specialized Event Security throughout the Pacific Northwest. And we do it better than anyone else. When it’s your event and IT’s on the line, make sure it’s covered.

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1. Experience

CYA is not an Add-On Feature

When the well being of hundreds or thousands of guests rests on your shoulders, it is important to realize that: It’s not a matter of if, but when something is going to happen. And when it does, you need to have the right company managing the situation. Your event represents a big investment in both time and money. Don’t put yourself at risk!

Hiring the right security company is the first step in protecting your investment. A lot of security companies try to be all things to all clients. They claim expertise in everything from A to Z. Some even have ‘Security Universities’. Really? It’s symbolism over substance. At CYA we do one thing, and we do it better than anyone else. With CYA, it’s all substance, and it’s all event security.


2. Protection

How Safe Are Your Assets?

“From the beginning of your event until they leave, the CYA staff is always there to do the right thing, in the most professional manner for you and your guests.”

Lonny Wunder, Fair Manager, Benton County Fairgrounds

With 14+ years of event experience and over 100 DPSST certified staff, CYA has the people and experience you need and want. Has your current security company tasered anyone lately? Or maybe shown up armed for a family event? Does your company intimidate and escalate rather than welcome and calm? So much of event security is knowing when and how to deal with the problems that arise in a calm and de-escalating manner. Our people are proficiently trained to deal with any event crisis the correct way!


3. Value

Added Value Or Increased Liability?

“Working with CYA is like having a bonafide professional business partner.  They have been versatile in dealing  with the diversity of security issues we face at our EXPO facilities. CYA is pro active in planning, inclusive of cost management. I would recommend CYA.”

Dave Koellermeier, Jackson County Expo

‘Certified’ and ‘Trained’ are not just fancy terms to win a client over. They go a long way in protecting your considerable assets. So, when something goes wrong, your liability may be increased by having the wrong company manage your security. Imagine the worst case scenario and the cost associated with it. Ouch! CYA protects you by ensuring that all of our staff are certified, trained and meet all venue policy requirements.


4. Service Providers

Our Service is pro-active not re-active.

“CYA Event Security exceeds our expectations each and every time they work an event for us. The staff puts our needs and the safety of our patrons first and fully executes all tasks given in a seamless and professional manner.  With CYA on board, you are guaranteed a great event with outstanding service.”

Southern Oregon Spartans

Are you tired of service being over-promised and under-delivered? Most companies offer what we call ‘Punitive Customer Service’. They offer to help but only in a begrudging manner. Our staff is pro-active in there approach to service. CYA looks for ways to serve, whether it's picking up trash, holding a door or giving directions. We make sure the high level of service reflects that of the Event and the Promoter. It’s the little things that separate a great company from a mediocre one.


5. Clients

Some of the best names in the business.

You're only as good as your customers think you are! A security company can claim to be the best, but only when they work with best. Client satisfaction is what drives us to be the best. Here is a small sampling of our clients base:

  • Jackson County Fairgrounds
  • Josephine County Fairgrounds
  • Klamath County Fairgrounds
  • Benton County Fairgrounds
  • Douglas County Fairgrounds
  • Lane County Fairgrounds
  • Linn County Fairgrounds
  • Armories
  • Country Clubs
  • Raceways
  • Hotels
  • Amphitheatres
Multi-Day Events
  • Collectors West Gun Shows
  • Full Contact Fighting Federation
  • Jacksonville’s Oktoberfest
  • Providence Festival Of Trees
  • Rogue Valley Blues Festival
  • Thunderstruck Custom Bikes
  • Ultimate Cage Fighting
  • Britt Festivals
  • Corvallis Fall Festival
  • Oregon Jamboree Music Festival
  • Jackson County Fair
  • Benton County Fair
Acts & Performers
  • Big N Rich
  • Billy Idol
  • Black Crowes
  • Blake Shelton
  • Brooks and Dunn
  • Bryan Adams
  • Coolio
  • Great White
  • Ice Cube
  • James Taylor
  • Jason Aldean
  • Jersey Shore
  • Kottonmouth Kings
  • Kuttless
  • Lady Antebellum
  • Megadeath
  • Michael Franti
  • Miranda Lambert
  • Nelly
  • Quiet Riot
  • Rascal Flatts
  • Rob Zombie
  • Sheryl Crow
  • Slightly Stoopid
  • SnakeBite
  • Snoop Dogg
  • Tech 9
  • Too Short
  • Willie Nelson

6. Preferred

We're Just Better.

“CYA Security not only delivers outstanding security for your venue, they also act as professionals in attitude, appearance and communication with our staff and spectators.”.

BZ Zeller, 2011 President, Douglas County Speedway Pacific Racing Association

With the challenges facing venues today, security is more important than ever. When choosing a company make sure they are certified, properly trained and pro-active in service and security. Choose a company with the right equipment and expertise to handle any crisis properly.


When it’s your event, and IT’s on the line, make sure it's really covered.